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Hippies heart the farmers market! September 11, 2009

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There are several great reasons to buy local food:

1. It tastes so much better.

2. Because it comes from local, small outfits, you are more likely to get nutritious produce instead of washed out, half-ripe crap shipped form California and South America.

3. Because it isn’t shipped far, it’s better for the environment.

4. It promotes creative thinking, as you decide what you can make with what is in season and available.

5. You meet cool people.

Yesterday before work, since I left a little early, I decided to swing by the farmers market on 66th and Columbus. It was my first time, and I’m so glad I went!

Mmmmm apples!

I got fresh raspberries, carrots, apples, red dragon beans, salad greens, and something that I thought was squash, but after I sliced it open, I suspect it’s a tomato/squash hybrid. Hmmm. I also had a long chat with a couple people at the  bakery tent while I peeled open my sugar-free oat-bran muffin. (It sounds tasteless but I was pretty happy with it.)


So for lunch I put together a salad, and dipped my delicious veggies into hummus. For dinner last night I cooked up couscous and sauteed veggies in olive oil. It was delicious!

If you want to find a New York Farmers Market near you, just click here!


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