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The Ultimate Recycling Party September 9, 2009

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Oh boy was I excited when I got an invitation to Whitney King’s “Derelict” party. It’s a highbrow reference to Zoolander. Of course, you knew that.

7018_524436827421_19000236_31152013_7206511_nwhitney_dresstrash dressed

I cobbled together my outfit in 45 minutes, pleating a trashbag and using electrical tape to strap a Forever 21 bag to my chest. Some of the other dresses were amazing though, like this one of artfully pleated newspaper, and a carefully constructed cardboard bodice.

7018_524436817441_19000236_31152011_4849590_nWhitney, being one of my more eco-aware friends, made sure to put out a big trashcan with a recycling label on it. It was full within a few hours. Some poor guy tossed his can in the trashcan, and I heard a few people giving him shit.  Classic, I like that not recycling can be a party foul.


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