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iGreen September 2, 2009

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sc_iphone-green-1I’ve had a great time using my iphone to be super green. I posted earlier about some apps I would try out, but now I’ve tried a bunch more and can report back on all of them!

1. 3rd Whale: It’s especially good in New York. It lets you look “around” you to see what sustainable businesses are nearby, either by walking, biking, or driving. I feel it could be a bit more comprehensive, but it still cool if you are in an unfamiliar area and want to sample local stuff.

2. Good Guide: Imagine standing in the grocery store trying to decide between Amy’s and Kashi food products. No problem! You’ll know to go with Amy’s Kitchen, because this app told you that her goodies are rated better for your health, the environment, and for social good. Super easy to use too.

3. Urban Spoon: It isn’t JUST for tree huggers. Besides a slew of options like Indian or Italian food, it offers an organic option by neighborhood. Give a shake and see options appear!

4. What’s Fresh: LOVE. Tells you what is in season near you, so you aren’t getting bland strawberries shipped from Mexico. Right now I’m eating apples, blueberries and raspberries….it goes on and on!

4. iFood Assistant: Let’s you put in an ingredient and spits something back out. Great for if you are standing in Whole Foods and you’re like, well I would love to cook something but I don’t have a recipe on hand for the ingredients. Problem solved! It’s not comprehensive though, a look for lychee berries came up empty. Gee, lychee berries are such a staple ingredient…

5. Seafood watch. I used this sucker when I was out to dinner last weekend and discovered that both fish on the menu are overfished! I ate happier knowing I wasn’t contributed to the collapse of a fish species. You can look by region or search for a species. Bonus: If it tells you to avoid it, it will offer good alternatives.

6. iRecycle: It uses your current location to tell you where you can recycle different things. A search for books brought up a myriad of programs in NYC.

I haven’t included every app, cuz frankly some of them suck. But these are a great start!


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