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Book reviews: Green Chic and Gorgeously Green August 27, 2009

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I am a big book reader. I almost look forward to my commute everyday, because it gives me time to sit (or stand) and plow my way through a novel or non-fiction. So I present to you my thoughts on two books for the fashion-savvy and environmentally-aware girl:

Gorgeously GreenPicture 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I got the sense that the author, Sophie Uliano, has been doing this a while, and doing it well. You could say she’s my role model! The book was informative, and directed me to a plethora of useful websites for ordering eco-friendly products and clothing, as well as sites that just help you live your life better. There were plenty of action points too, so you can get started right away in your quest to be green. Bonus: she has a website and newsletter, which periodically doles on deals on green products. It’s where I found out about Lavera. 🙂

Rating: Good buy!

Picture 2Green Chic

While well written, I found myself skimming after only a few pages. I would recommend this book as a buy for anyone of your girlfriends who say things like “OMG, if I could drink nothing by diet coke and vodka all day, that would be SO great.” or “Why do you use that Tom’s of Maine stuff? It doesn’t even have whitening!”

If you know anything about the environment though, it’s only slightly amusing to read about the author’s journey of discovery as she tried out being more sustainable in between being an oh-so-cool fashionista. Oh wait, is that me? Heh.

Rating: fine as a gift


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