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Where is the cute, affordable, NORMAL eco-friendly lingerie?? August 26, 2009

I went on another mission today. I go on a lot of missions, because all the cool stuff in NYC seems to be located downtown, (who knew?) and I live all the way up by Columbia. Anyway, after work I hopped on a bus. Well, first I asked my co-worker Jess how to use the bus. “Uhh, you use a metro card,” she said with an amused grin. Ok, so then I took a bus south and got off at 19th.

I was wearing a new outfit, of which I am extremely proud. It’s very Sartorialist: a pair of white shorts, an old pastel blue/white pin striped RL shirt, a navy blue boyfriend blazer with the gold buttons fastened, and a pair of sky high suede pal booties to keep the look from getting too “I’m going on a yachting trip.”

So here I was, tripping along the sidewalk, fiddling with my iPhone, and a boy passing me says, “Excuse me,” pointedly. I turned, being a polite not-quite-New-Yorker. “Do you speak English?” the boy said. He had olive skin and was dressed in cargo pants and a t-shirt. As soon as he set into the conversation I knew I was in trouble. His grammar was impeccable, but in the end he just wanted money. “I just want some dinner and somewhere to sleep tonight.”

I could have told him I had no cash, but then I looked down at the phone in my hand, and my pretty new outfit, and mumbled, “Alright.” I dug through my purse and handed him $6. I think it was six. I was too flustered to really count in properly.

I don’t mind the actually giving money too him part. I just hate feeling like a sucker. I wonder if the other New Yorkers walking past were thinking “Stupid girl.” This isn’t the first time I’ve been sucked into a situation like this. I bought a woman in Brooklyn dinner a couple weeks ago. Fried chicken and biscuits.

Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson

But enough of that. After that whole scene I arrived to Journelle. It’s a little Boutique at Fifth Avenue and 17th St that sells brands like OnGossamer, Elle MacPherson, Chantelle, and Huit. The last is a brand is one I’ve only seen in Paris, so I was pretty pleased. And the store was nothing like my last experience. The most they had in they way of scandalous toys was a black satin and lace blindfold/tie.

But what I came to Journelle for, of course, was eco-friendly underwear. I had been exploring online and had read that a certain pretty line was available at Journelle. Imagine my disappointment when the salesgirl sorted out just one cotton panty and one bra from the sale section. Grrr.

See, the thing is, most organic or eco-friendly underwear lines are thoroughly unattractive. I don’t care if nobody but my mirror ever sees it – a girl likes lace, you know? Lines like Green Knickers, and a brand new one, Pact, are just not my style. The line Urban Fox

Urban Fox

Urban Fox

is too cutsy. Peau-Ethique, while firmly in the realm of sexy French lingerie, ships all the way from Europe, which defeats the point. Basically, it’s all either cotton, not good for underneath clothing, or a nightgown.

Green Knickers

Green Knickers

So I just sighed and resigned myself to regular stuff. Unfortunately, it’s between seasons right now, so the pickings were slim for even regular stuff.  Nevertheless, I went ahead and bought a few things.

No pictures though. What kind of girl do you think I am?


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