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Wow. Just….wow. August 21, 2009

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FA7185_350x350Yesterday, after work, I decided to visit a boutique near Prince Street called Kiki de Montparnasse. I’d seen in mentioned as a store that sells lovely eco-friendly lingerie. I failed, however, to check the price before I went. Or, you know, what they sell.

Let me describe the scene for you, because I didn’t take any pictures. You walk in, and the first impression is of a very high end boutique. The racks carefully placed on the wall are sparsely hung with lacy things on linen hangers.

And then come the details. In the center is a large antique bed with pretty linens. Oh, and leather bondage accessories tied to the headboard. Ha, yeah.

I wandered around looking at the things. There was a bra decorated with glossy black and purple feathers, silk nighties, and all manner of hyper-ruffled white and black tops and bottoms. Hardly anything lent itself to actually being worn under clothes.


I wandered toward the back, where a couple of well-dressed women lounged on purple tufted couches. I started to turn to my right, to a wall of shelves, until I saw what was on them: the most high end sex toys I have every seen. Tasteful glass dildos, ANAL BEADS? I tried to nonchalantly keep moving toward the clothing. Focus! I finally picked out a couple of fairly normal looking tops and bottoms, and tried them on in the dressing room. They were $150 a piece, and looked terrible on me. I emerged to browse some more, turning to the back.

Heres something fun: you can call the salesgirl before, during or after you're done trying on your lace goodies!

Heres something fun: you can call the salesgirl before, during or after you're done trying on your lace goodies!

Wow, it was even raunchier, with glass cases of artfully displayed leather cuffs and straps, and even a leather booth with straps for the full experience. There were leather masks, which makes much more sense with some context. Let me explain: last summer when I was in Paris, I was at a party and saw a pretty mask. I put it on and started dancing around the room, and all the boys started tittering. They laughed even harder when I told them about Washington and  Lee’s Fancy Dress Ball a couple years back that was a masquerade. “The whole school was in masks??” one guy asked, in amazement. I asked why it was so funny. He gleefully informed me, in French, that masks are used in orgies! I laughed, but quickly put the mask back on the shelf.

Back to the store, there were also some fun “mens” tuxedo shirts and skinny neck ties. I flipped through some regular silk stuff and then retreated back toward the front by the couches and flipped through some other nice and normal pieces. Behind me the conversation was amazing.

Woman’s voice: “Oh God, I don’t hang out here for THAT. I’m married!”

Woman 2: “Yup! She’s hangs out here because she’s married.”

Woman 1: “And I never get sex. Never. It’s so sad.”

(Laughter from both the two women, and more chatter I tried to ignore. Then..)

Woman 2: “You should crawl in his lap right now! That would get his attention!”

The hell was going on? At this point I gave it up. This was not what I was looking for. I just wanted some eco-friendly underwear, and I had wandered into a high-class S&M shop that happened to sell lingerie.

Of course, they had a few really cool pieces for a normal gal, if you can afford it. And some things are on sale at their website. I suggest going, if just to get a kick out of the acccessories section.


2 Responses to “Wow. Just….wow.”

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