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A hippie dinner at Savoy August 13, 2009

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Harken back to an earlier post for a moment, and see that last night I went on a date with this guy and convinced him to take me to Savoy. I wasn’t psyched about him – he wears product in his hair, is from Long Island, and wants to open a liquor store…? (He works at Morgan Stanley right now. Woot, I heart ibankers. Not really.)  But I WAS psyched about the food! When he arrived at my apartment at 8, I was actually surprised when he asked if we should take the subway. I had thought about the option, because of course mass transit is so much less carbon intensive, but I had nixed the idea as going too far.

When he gave me the option though, I just told him I didn’t care, and we ended up hailing a cab. I mean, those things drive around in circles anyway until someone hails them.

Savoy is a two-story restaurant on the Lower East Side at Prince and Crosby that serves locally sourced food. It’s not all organic, as the waitress explained. But dealing with small local farmers tends to yield organic-tending food. She also warned us that because of the tomato virus/parasite/whatever it is that is killing all of the tomatoes, naturally farmers must have used pesticides to protect their crop.

goatMapThe food itself? Delicious. I ordered the special, goat from Vermont. I’ve never had goat before. It’s someone like eating pork chops; tender with a salty bite, served over butter beans. My date ordered the chicken. I could see he was a bit disappointed with the portion size, seeing as it was one small wing and drumstick. The end.

The cocktails looked delicious, though I ordered a glass of wine. They had something called a Goucho Fizz that includes yerba mate (tea from South America) that I wish I had tried. I also saw a Sixpoint beer and Ommegang beer on the menu, both local beers.

For dessert we had plum upside down cake, a moist and tart little slice with in-house ice cream for a garnish. Sooo good.

Here’s the interesting part. We were halfway through our meal when I ventured, “So this place is supposed to be organic, locally sourced food…” And waited for his reaction.

The other day I thought it could be one of four things. And surprise! His response was a melange of the first two. First he asked if I usually eat organic. “Yeah…do you?”

“Sure, when I can,” he said. “But I really don’t know much about it. I mean, what makes something organic?”

Aw, so cute! So I told him about organic food, how it’s free of pesticides, and organic meat is fed organic feed and grass, and it’s usually cruelty free, etc. “You are so smart,” he said. “I love a girl I can learn from.” (No, I’m not making this up. Believe me, I was waiting for the punch line too.)

He even asked the waitress about the food when she came back and whether it was organic, and kept quizzing me about it. And then he goes “I read this article in the newspaper the other day, there was this study on organic food-”

“OH MY GOD STOP,” I said. “I am so sick of this debate. Organic food IS healthier. That study only looked at vitamins and stuff, and didn’t consider pesticides and high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives, and-”

“Hold on! I’m agreeing with you!” he said, taken aback. “I read the article and then looked more into it, and I came to the same conclusion.”

So yeah, it was a successful night out as far as taking someone onto the green side. But he’s still not my type.

Sorry dude, as the doritos guy would say “A date? Not in your future!”


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  1. RobFavole Says:

    Ouch. I, many, many years ago, was also from L.I. But, in my defense, I was from the “other” L.I. (Roosevelt was never typical, let alone stereotypical.) But since those days long gone by, I’ve lived in Buffalo (perpetual winter), Tucson (perpetual summer), San Fran (perpetual fall), Sierra foothills (perpetually wild), Hong Kong (perpetually urban), now Oakland (half spring, half fall).

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