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A hippie room August 11, 2009

Filed under: Apartment — Alden @ 2:36 am

One of my first posts was about making my own apartment more green. So I’m focusing on my own room cuz Vicki usually just makes fun of me when the subject of environmentalism comes up. Her time will come, just wait.


But progress is being made! Curtains are up to block light during the day. Ok, one window. The other I’ve left curtainless because the sun hitting my face in the morning keeps me from being a big lazy-butt.

I have some lovely plants to create my own personal oxygen. And… ok, that’s about it. But I’m making progress! Let’s just hope that I don’t kill the plants, which is a distinct possibility knowing me.


One Response to “A hippie room”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting a plant for my apartment in Phoenix, but I tend to kill plants, too. (I killed IVY when I was little. That’s like… impossible.)

    Anyway, a few months ago I stumbled on this article: Now I just need to figure out which ones will do OK in the Arizona heat.

    Good luck with your plants!

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