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Hippies party too! August 6, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alden @ 9:07 pm

One of my best friends, Dinah, is in town tonight – she wants to go out for dinner and drinks. Now I face a decision. On one hand, someone told me about a sweet block of bars on the lower east side by the Bowery metro stop, Sweet Vicious, Firefly, and Gatsby’s. Tempting! But Dinah is letting me take the lead here, so  I could go ahead and try out some more eco friendly places downtown while I have the chance. I always feel bad dragging along people to these places. Dinah is cool though, she’ll be a sweetheart about it!

After doing some research on Ecovian and Greenopia, I’ve found a bistro called Counter on 6th St and First Ave, and a couple blocks away, a bar called DBA on 2nd St and First Ave. Perfect! I’ll do those other bars later…. tonight we feast organically!


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