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Hippie Shoes July 27, 2009

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My trusty Jack Rogers!

My trusty Jack Rogers!

I have a wonderful pair of Jack Rogers. If you have never experienced them, go out and buy a pair.I don’t feel bad telling you that, because you will wear them a million times.  Mine come in cream and white, but gold or silver will do. I have lime green ones too, but for obvious reasons I don’t wear them very frequently. They are leather by the way. I never said I was a vegan.

They match everything! They are dressed down AND dressed up. I bought them at the beginning of junior year, and they took me through the warm days of fall, then welcomed me back Spring Term. They carried me well as I criss-crossed Paris last summer. With the addition of heel cushions, they became perfect. Nary a blister, or every an unfashionable foot.

As I walked to work last week, I tripped on a crack. (Apparently I shuffle. I am working on this.) I recovered and attempted to smoothly walk on, like nothing had happened. Unfortunately, though my body was intact, my left Jack was not.

Horror! The leather toe piece was hanging by a thread, like a tooth wrenched painfully from the mouth. I limped to work and limped back home, trying to keep my dignity intact.

My first thought: I have a Nordstrom gift card. No problem.

But wait! What kind of hippie would I be if I sprung so quickly to buy new things? I took it to a local shoe fixer, and with a quick nod, he took my baby, and told me to come back in a half hour.

Well, I have better things to do than wait around on Broadway. When I came back the next day, he handed it back to me, completely unimpressed with his own handiwork. It was only $8, while a new pair would have been $100. I wore them happily this morning to brunch, wandering all the way down to 102nd. Happy day!


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