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Hippie Nails July 24, 2009

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Every once in a while I need a manicure and pedicure. I’m not proud – It’s just sometimes the hangnails become too much and I need a pick me up.

Ok, truthfully? I bite my nails like a mutherf’r.

Now, being a clean hippie, I know that nail polish and nail polish remover has all sorts of cancer-causing foolishness in it. I could have tripped down two blocks to a local salon, but I wanted to check out and see if there was a good organic place to get pampered.

It was a difficult search, but using I found a place in Brooklyn, right off the express 2 line from the Upper West Side, where I live. I beat it down there for a 2:00 appointment. The receptionist reminded me three times they would charge me 50% for not showing up, so I made sure I was on time.

Atlantic Avenue is a treasure trove. I passed an organics beauty store, an organic furniture/home store, and some adorable artsy places, as well as a New Orleans eatery. “Oooh, I’m in the right place,” I thought.

When I stepped inside Evolution, I looked at the receptionist, then the woman paying, then the woman getting her hair done, and I had an ‘Oh shit’ moment. I was in a salon for black women.

“Be cool,” I told myself. “Don’t say anything white. Just keep your mouth shut and smile.” I plunked myself down in a chair and buried myself in a Lucky magazine.

They sent up Miriam to get me, who I later found out was Ecuadorian. I couldn’t tell if I was getting weird looks or not, but as I settled myself into the pedicure chair and relaxed, I took a look around and realized that it really was in a nice salon. Like, really nice. I observed some Tory Burch accessories on the other ladies there, and some really nice hairstyles. Soothing colors, fashionable people.

I was immediately attracted to the bright colors of OPI (I’m really into neons right now) but I steered myself to the Priti and Chi nail colors. By the end of my hour long session (Miriam is thorough) I was hooked. My nails were flawless, my feet soft, and I didn’t have a speck of carcinogens on me. With my bubblegum pink fingernails and tangerine toes, I paid ($58 not including tip) and wandered next door to Artez’n to check out their artwork and kitschy jewelry. I stopped at the corner at the Apple Grocery for an organic snack and took the 1 line back into Manhattan.

I have another appointment already booked for two weeks from now, (the receptionist reminded me twice about the not-showing-up fee) and I’m looking forward to it. Look ma! I’m open minded!

The salon uses Pritti and Chi natural nail polishes.

The salon uses Pritti and Chi natural nail polishes.

Evolution The Green Room

442 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 222-2977


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  1. […] On Friday, because I had the day off, I made my weekly pilgrimage to the Evolution salon for my eco-friendly mani/pedi. Even if you don’t want a green manicure, I recommend this place anyway, because Marien does […]

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